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Username: vasilios1976
Account Number: 6792209
Vasilios karpathiou u51/40 Park Terrace Gilberton 5081
10/05/1976 ph: 0423072509
I just want 2 say I've had enough of waiting 2 get service I don't understand why its taking so long to get my problem fixed last night I was talking via message on tpg app I was told by the lady I was messaging she was going to get technical support 2 speak with me & they didn't I was also on hold on the phone for just under 5 hours this is bloody ridiculous I have paid for the first month $99,99 I would like somebody 2 call me in the morning & tell me what is happening & wen will I have service I don't want another email telling I need to call tpg & follow the prompts course that will not be happening all I know is I message & call & nothing happens I've kept all the emails & all the replies I haven't deleted not 1 of them I have had enough of this if nothing happens by Monday morning I'm cancelling & I would appreciate a full refund of that money please & I will be going 2 another internet provider
thanku very much
Vasilios karpathio



Hi karpathioubill,


I have checked your account and can see NBN have booked an appointment for an NBN tech to visit your home Monday, 27 April 2020, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

Please make sure someone is home for this appointment time slot. If this appointment is not suitable please let me know.


Kind Regards,