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5G home broadband very slow download speed

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  This is a 3 months 5G Internet unreliability issue. I reported high latency (between 500mS and 1200mS) and low download speed between 1.5 and 5.0 Mbps on TPG #13120938.  The last SMS communication on this problem was 23October which reads:“Your TPG service is part of an outage.  The issue is still under investigation. We apologize, there is no time or date of restoration yet.”  (This was also confirmed via telephone call.)  No further communication has been received since. 

Note: this is not a complaint about the technical help desk staff who have worked with me almost on a daily basis for many weeks since TPG #13120938 was first raised around Aug 2023; 5G signal strength was fine (4 green lights on the Sagecom Modem); Local connection is one PC connected via Ethernet and one PC connected to Sagemcom WiFi which is located next to this PC.

  The verbally proposed resolution: "we recommend you to switch to FTTN NBN-50". Seriously?


  As of about 30Dec2023, latency has been restored to about 20mS (thank you!)  Download speed continues to be between 1.5 and 5.0 Mbps.  And the following issues have crept in:

  EVERY single day I get an internet download speed of 1.5 to 5 Mbps evening speed or daytime speed (today 5Jan2024 it's 5.1Mbps), measured on TPG Speed Test.  The Modem now regularly drops from 4 green lights to 1 or 2 yellow lights (4G ?????).

  The long history of TPG #13120938, I am told, is all documented on my account. Unfortunately I have no access to my account;(when I login, it takes me to my old ADSL account (????)   all I know is that I receive and pay monthly Invoices via email for 5G Home Broadband Premium.

  I ask that this long standing problem is addressed with some urgent seriousness.  When will the analysis be completed and a fix applied?  Yes I have been asked and complied to restarting the Modem many times; turned the two devices off and on; replaced the ethernet Cat 6 etc etc, to no avail.

  It is taking at least as much of my time as it is for your staff. 


      Where from here ????? 

When can I expect the 5G Home Broadband Premium service that I am paying for ???


Hi @jwarouw01,


We're here to help! We're keen on getting your speeds on track. Although please note that Actual 5G Home Broadband speeds may vary due to factors such as the time and place you are using your data, the number of devices connected to the modem and subject to network traffic priority. 


More info can be found here: Factors affecting Fixed Wireless broadband speed


Send us a private message and we'll pull up your account. 



Level 2

I’m having a similar issue. Were you able to get this fixed?


 No, it is much worse now.  Did get an email within a coiuple of days from a moderator referring me to 'Factors affecting Fixed Wireless broad issues.  Checked all of them, restart modem, number of users, wheather, etc etc.   I did respond 7 Jan 2024.  No reaction or action.  I do not know what is going on. Current status at my end: 1. About one percent (1.0%) in a 24 hour oeriod we enjoy full strength5G reception as indicated by 4 green lights on the Sagemcom modem.  2. This would deteriorate within a couple minutes after we access the Internet to two or one yellow lights on the modem, indicating 5G drop out and 4G kicking in at a much lower strength.  3. Wheather in 4 x green mode , or 2 x yellow mode, the download speed is below 5Mbs, drops out alltogether.  I think maybe the service is no longer available in out area?  I'd like to know if you are having a better expererience?  Thanks for asking; hope this helps?