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CANNOT Use my Mobile account

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I have 2 tpg mobile numbers and tpg adsl2. One of the mobile numbers is not working and no one can explain why.


First time I called tpg staff member said it was an accounts issue that the billing period had not been extended, which they then said it would be reactivated in 48 hours. It reactivated then 2 weeks later it disconnected again. When I call the number message would say "my call couldnt be connected please try the number and call again".


I had then battled with ridiculous responses since for months now, I would be told it is a technical issue they would tell me to swap mobiles, turn it on and off, constant transferring of calls and waiting for technical department to call me back. Then I would get a text message saying it has been fixed but the mobile number could still not make incoming or outgoing calls.


This whole recent experience has been stupidly frustrating! Especially as the disconnected number was my mums mobile, an elderly lady who now had no way of being contacted or call me when I was at work. We also had repair work done to our home so it was even more frustrating that she could not call me if people knocked on our door or if she was not well. 


When I finally hit the roof and called making a complaint as I had explained myself more than a hundred times to different departments and no one could work out what the hell was wrong... what made it worse was the i kept getting hung up on or told things are working perfectly fine or given multiple excuses. Such as, my billing must not be working (yet all my other services with tpg were working fine), or they said my mobile must be broken (yet if you put another sim card in it it works perfectly well).


In response to my complaint, tpg swapped the mobile number accounts around, as in the mobile number for my mums SIM suddenly got allocated to the other working SIM card that didnt have issues, this is the most dumbfounding situation!!!! I originally had 2 SIM cards, one given to my brother and one to my mum, so now my mum started receiving my brothers calls and my mums mobile number was still not working so no calls could get to my brother. They swapped the allocating sim cards and their mobile numbers around!!!! Yet again I had to contact TPG to explain the stupidity of whoever was trying to look at my case and the staff on the phone said I quote "That is impossible". So you really think as someone who has been a tpg customer since 2008 would call up and lie to you! Let alone having to waste time in my day, repeat my story multiple times and be on the phone for more than 2 hours each call everytime to not get any proper response, have to listen to the attitude given by the people who answer my call being absolutely rude, talk over me, not listen properly and then shoo me away as if I was being unreasonable.


My mums number has not been working for at least 4 to 5 months now cause of these stupid issues back and forth, so I went to a phone store to try and change the mobile service, the phone store advised the number has been disconnected! I call tpg to reactivate it again so I can at least change the mobile service provider and they tell me its working perfectly fine with no issues and tpg has not disconnected it. 


All I can say is I am exhausted, disappointed and really annoyed with all this but as my mum is an elderly lady we had many medical centres registered with my mums old mobile number so I do want the exisitng number to work. 


Can someone please look in to this and tell me what I can actually do to fix the situation? 



Hi @SpkL08,


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