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Can not receive incoming calls

Level 2
Hello TPG

I ported my number from another provider and followed instructions to activate sim it was Dodo. I got a email saying sim is activated. However when I changed sim I can make calls but can not receive and it’s been 6 days of no incoming calls.
I spoke to your tech support and they said it will maybe take 2 days to fix but unsure

Could you please look into below matter.

I have transferred my number from Dodo to TPG . New sim from TPG has been activated but no sim card was detected in my phone it does not say TPG. I just wish I never did this as this is now a big problem that I can’t not receive calls and is costing me a lot of money as I am potentially losing business,
Level 2
When someone rings it my phone is saying you’ve got incoming call restrictions

Hi @Daniel-calou


Welcome to the Community! 


Thanks for reaching out to us and we apologise for the trouble this issue has caused. 


I've located your account using your Community details and can see that your case has now been escalated to our system engineers. 


Please allow 24-48hrs for this issue to be sorted. 


Should the issue still persists, please let us know and we'll chase this further to our system engineers. 


Erika Smiley Happy