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Cannot make calls or receive account SMS after porting number

Level 2


Ported my number from Vodafone yesterday morning. I was able to login to My Account to activate the sim.
Shortly after the old vodafone sim stopped working.
I put the new TPG sim into my phone,  internet 4G and 5G works ok. 
I can send and receive SMS to/from Australian phone numbers after a few hours.
I cannot.receive the TPG My Account sign on SMS - does not receive the TPG code
I cannot make or received phone calls.
I have tested this on 2 good unlocked phones, same result.
Any help is appreciated

Any help would be appreciated.

Level 2

2 days later, I have internet on the phone, sms in and out.
BUT NO SMS from my account to login
NO IN/OUT calls.
And no response from TPG helpdesk. 
TPG - people can't call if the phone doesn't work, you need to have email or IM for customer support also.



Hi @neilthyer,


We realised that it has worked however, could you please confirm if you have received an email confirmation saying that porting is successful? 


Send us a private message and we'd be happy to look into your account. 



Level 2


So, I tried the sim in 2 phones - had exactly the same response.
Yes, I received the porting is successful email and I forward this to the helpdesk email requesting help.

For all of that with no response, I went out and bought and OPTUS prepaid sim, so I can call the help desk, after much testing, they confirmed that the porting is done, but that 
1.  I cannot dial out or receive calls
2. TPG "my account" does not send SMS to me, yet I have received SMS from many people

Now they are sending out a new sim card - so I get to wait another 1 to 2 days.
Extremely disappointed so far, I moved from vodafone to save money, instead so far I have to get a prepaid sim from the old TPG card provider so I can call the help desk.
FYI, if you email - you get an auto reply with office hours.
When you call the support number you need to ask for a call back, then you wait on hold
Email and chat should be default support set with phone calls.
Login to my account should have the option of email of an OTP key, this is  very backwards.
So for now I have to wait and see and use my OPTUS prepaid.
Optus prepaid sim took only 30 minutes to get working... TPG 3 days and counting.



We'd be happy to get this sorted, @neilthyer. Hit us a with a PM so we can pull up your account and chase the relevant team for assistance.