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Exceed data/Increased monthly plan without me changing it?

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Hello, origionally we signed on for a S plan-no lock in contract with Pay as you go Phone. I received email stating we had exceeded data usage which I find impossible to believe as absolute minimal use of internet. 80 year old customer. Occasionally watches Netflix

Since then I noticed the plan fee has been raised to $49 per month-increased up to a M plan. I am not aware of requestoiing this change up. I know I can request a "change of plan" to downgradde it again however, I need to know why, who or how it got changed up to M in the first place.

Previous usage history with Telstra was also minimal hence us selecting the S plan as 10GB is enough for the 80 year old user.

Your accounts and statements are impossible to follow or work out.

Nothing on the plan "detail" to indicate what plan we are currently or -very lacking in so called "detail"

Thank you




Please send me through Private Message your username , customer account number and or mobile number attached to this service to check .