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How do I activate a new Mobile Sim when I cant get access to the Dashboard?

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I ordered a SIM which arrived 3 days ago.

I log on to my account which until recently was just broadband.

I click on "Click here to manage your other services"

The dashboard page starts to load then error message appears.

I have tried different browsers, Chrome, Edge, Safari, mobile browsers, different computers, 

changed passwords... nothing works... same error message everytime.

Any Ideas?


The error messageThe error message

Still no response, tried phoning the helpline, after 25 minutes of waiting, no answer. 

I guess I know have a SIM CARD that I am paying for but have no way of activating...Hmmm.




Hi @grayumz 


We'd like to check on what we can arrange to complete the activation of your SIM.


Please send us a private message with your account details.



Level 2

Hi BasilDV

I have sent you two private messages concerning this topic, I am still waiting for a response.