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How long does the privacy team take to respond

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TPG customer support would benefit greatly from a direct contact line with the Privacy team which deals with identity verification once a ticket has been raised. It has just past 72 hours since I first contacted TPG after my phone was stolen and I am still stuck at the very first ID verification step so that I can have a new SIM card issued. It took 2 days to get sent a link to me even after multiple calls and waiting on hold for prolonged periods of time to TPG support (through someone else's phone) to expedite the response. The privacy team are incredibly unresponsive via email. Each step in the ID verification process on the customer side takes less than 3 minutes, I believe it is quite unreasonable having to wait days for a request to be processed, after instantly completing what is required of me as soon as I receive it. 


Financial institutions, government websites, pretty much all websites and services of significance (including TPG) I am unable to access and protect my data/information because they all require multi-factor authentication through a code sent to my mobile phone number which TPG is incredibly slow in giving me access to. I have no idea about the status of my accounts over the last 3 days given someone has stolen my phone. Having to use another person's phone to make calls and wait on hold for prolonged periods of time is also significantly inconvenient. I note that TPG advise a 2 business day turnaround for ID verification. I suggest that this timeframe should be reconsidered in circumstances where a user cannot access their number in a matter of urgency, or at least provide a better means of following up a matter with the Privacy team. I am a recent customer of TPG and this situation has definitely made me unconfortable continuing with this service provider.



Hi @jinny1894,


We take privacy and security very seriously. Let's make sure that you get the help you need. 


Please send us a private message and we'd be glad to assist. 



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For anyone this might assist in the future, I suggest you contact the TPG customer support phone number directly and have them follow up the Privacy team through their end. Only once this happens does the request get addressed relatively efficiently. 


Unfortunately I had to do this about 5-6 times across multiple days for the entire matter to resolve. There should of course be a better system in place for certain issues customers are having but this is the method I found to be more effective than waiting around in limbo. I might also add that sending a private message through this forum is highly ineffective as it sets you behind square one, waiting for a response from them is equally as frustrating.