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Incoming calls go directly to voicemail

Level 2
Driving me crazy. All calls to my phone go directly to voicemail. My phone doesn’t ring. The messages left on my voicemail are not even accessible. I can make calls fine.

TPG tried to fix by extending time before going to voicemail. Doesn’t help. Reset iPhone. Same problem.

Strange thing is though if I put SIM card in other phone, it receives calls no problem. And when my partner puts their sim in my phone, it works fine.

Have tried everything including turning all diversions off through the app.

Please help

Hi @Axoman


You may try if this will work if you're on a TPG plan on the Vodafone network. (If you're on a TPG plan using the Optus network let me know and I'll see if I can find how to do it.)


  • From your mobile, dial 1214 to deactivate voicemail and remove all call diversions set on the handset

This will probably delete any current voicemail/diversion settings, your recorded voicemail message and any stored voicemail messages.


If it hasn't solved the issue, PM us with your TPG mobile number or Customer ID.