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International roaming STILL ISN'T WORKING

Level 2

It has been yet another day without being able to use my phone for calls.

I have done everything I've been asked to do to prove my identity, to give my phone number and am told this:

Hi Pagan,

Thank you for your response.

I have checked your mobile service, and I can confirm that the international roaming for the mobile service ending in 333 is already active.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email and we'll be happy to help.

Kind Regards,

I have no service. I can't make or receive calls. I can confirm international roaming is definitely not working. I have checked my phone and it is on all of the right settings and I set the phone before I left Australia to data roaming. I want this service closed. I can't get into my account because of the 2 step verification is set to my Australian number and guess what? There's no service.
I want a refund for the credit I have that I can't use, which is about $AU43, and for the rest of the month that I've paid for. It was pointless trying to do anything to fix this problem. A huge waste of time and effort. 
Please get this account shut down and give me a refund.
Thank you
Pagan Kael

Hi @pagankael1 


We'd like to check on the request and account.


Please send us a private message of your account details.