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International roaming not working

Level 2

I'm new to TPG mobile, never had issues with international roaming with my old Optus account. I just got back from 3 weeks in the US. I had switched on 'international roaming' in My account before I left. Then in US I received several text messages from the local network stating that I was roaming. I was able to receive text messages on my phone, however I could not send messages, make or receive calls or access any data. Ended up having to buy a local sim card. 3 weeks of non-existent TPG service that I paid for.


I'm going on another overseas trip next month - is there any solution, as many others seem to have this problem? It is a hassle having to keep swapping sim cards while overseas. Should I just go back to expensive Optus/Testra (real phone companies who are prepared to provide the services customers are paying for)?

Level 2

Never mind lol I finally figured out that you need to deposit funds into your post-paid account to use this feature. Hopefully this is what the problerm was. This isn't explained anywhere in the international roaming instructions.


Here's what the activation email says:


"International Roaming usage is Pay As You Go out of your Prepaid Balance. If your Prepaid Balance is insufficient, you will not be able to use international roaming. You can top up your Prepaid Balance at any time in My Account."


I don't have a prepaid account, so the reference to 'Prepaid Balance' doesn't make any sense. Perhaps it would be better to tell people "You need to prepay for any international roaming usage ahead of time by transferring funds to your account, which will be debited as you use the service" and highlight this in the actual instructions for activating international roaming?


Hopefully this saves others some trouble!


Hi @Heidimwr,


We want to make sure that you will be able to use the roaming without any fuss on your next trip. Let's have a look on what happened in this instance. Send in your TPG mobile number or account number via private message so we can check your account. 


You may also have a read on this article: TPG Mobile International Roaming - FAQ