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International roaming not working

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Good Morning,
Previously used international roaming about 3 times in the last 7 or so years with no issues. Activated 2 weeks ago and I've just landed in Malaysia and it's not functioning. Checked roaming settings everything is enabled on my Samsung s8+. Tried rebooting the phone. Tried manually selecting a network none of the other networks are accessible. I don't have call/SMS/data access. I'll be landing in India in about 8 hours where I will require phone access. Please advise.

Kind Regards,

Hi @myang,


Thanks for raising this to us. I'd like to confirm when you try to manually select a network on your mobile.


Does your mobile able to detect a signal bar when you tried to select a network?


Please make sure to turn off your Mobile Data before trying to use the Roaming Data Service.


If it's still not working let me know and I will have this raised to our Mobile Specialists Team.



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I had exactly the same problem in Malaysia over Christmas/NewYear. Roaming worked fine in Singapore but once we were in Malaysia we had no texts or calls although the phone could see 5 networks and we tried them all. All were showing strong signals and it happened in 3 different places - KL, Penang and Langkawi - so it wasn't a localised problem.


On our return I took it up with MobileSupport and have traded 4 rounds of emails but all they could conclude with was "we can no longer raise the concern to our carrier as the roaming was already disabled". Bit of a catch22 there - seems that you have to notify TPG that you don't have any service when you don't have any service.


As it appears it's more than just me that didn't have service then it looks to me like it was a system problem in which case it shouldn't matter if I or the OP still has roaming enabled.





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Yes, I do have a signal. My phone automatically registers to the Vodafone International network but I still do not have call/SMS/data access. I have turned off mobile data and reset my phone several times and it has not helped. I have also changed my phone's settings from 4G to 3G.


Hi @myang,


Thanks for the additional information.


I have sent you a Private Message. Please check


I'll be waiting for you response.



Community Manager

Hi @myang and @davero,


Just an update on the International roaming issues that you guys have raised in this post.


We raised these examples to Vodafone management who identified an issue on their end that was causing these issues for TPG roaming customers.

The good news is this issue have now been fixed by Vodafone.


Thanks again guys for your patience and for giving us the feedback to resolve this issue.