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International roaming in hawaii

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  1. I can receive SMS using AT&T and T-Mobile but can't send SMS messages or make outgoing calls. I am on an old VM4 plan. Is there anything extra I need to do.

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Did you activate the roaming of your SIM account? If it is activated, then try the troubleshooting posted by Manuel on International roaming.


Please keep us posted if it's still not working.


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I activated the roaming through "my account" and tried to find a network automatically without success. AT&T and T-Mobile came up as "forbidden accounts" but I gave it a go working on the fact at if they were forbidden nothing would happen, however it connected and I received SMS from TPG, Vodaphone (re costs etc ra ra...) and from a phone here. However still cannot send SMS or make phone calls.

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Level 3

I've been in Vietnam for almost 2 weeks, have done everything as advised with no luck.  Today, I did not even have a provider on my phone.  So all my contact with others has been via iMessage and Internet.  However, TPG has charged me $480 for a service that I have not been able to utilise and I won't receive a refund for at least 30 days.

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 Hi @Stepaire,


Hi @myang and @davero,


Just an update on the International roaming issues that you guys have raised in this post.


We raised these examples to Vodafone management who identified an issue on their end that was causing these issues for TPG roaming customers.

The good news is this issue have now been fixed by Vodafone.


Thanks again guys for your patience and for giving us the feedback to resolve this issue.