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Is TPG Mobile Prepaid?

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Hello All,


I notice TPG have some really good Mobile deals with 50% off for the 1st 6 months. These plans seems to good to be true. I want to know if they prepaid so I dont get hidden charges and can cancel if I am not happy- what are the rules? I cannot believe TPG is selling 7GB for $19.99 a month when Amaysim is selling 5GB for $30..


I did notice a expensive start fee for the SIM which is $10... I can understand that maybe TPG does not want transient customers...

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Yes @Ells the TPG mobile plans are prepaid and you pay the monthly fees each month in advance. You are also required to make a prepayment of $20 and TPG will use this amount in case you let's say make calls which are not included in your plan or use extra data. If you keep using extra data/calls outside your included value and you go below $10 on this prepayment TPG will automatically top it up by debuting you. If you know what you spend then you don't have to worry about it. Checking usage is very simple all you need to do is log into your account on their website and view it there. You also get reminder SMSs when you use 50% of your included data/calls or close to exceeding it. Both me and my wife have TPG mobile plans and never had any issue
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It seems according to the pricing page that the $20 prepayment is optional and only if I want to make extra calls but if I don't want to make extra PAYG then I don't need $20 prepayment
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@Elssyou're right. On the current T4G mobile plan range, you can choose to keep a Prepaid Balance on the account or not. With previous TPG mobile plan ranges, you were required to keep a $20 Prepayment on the account which auto topped top.

I like the Prepaid Balance model and it seems ever since TPG started using Vodafone as their wholesaler they offer this. I'm sure for some people they like the comfort of knowing once their Cap runs out, there won't be any more prepayment topups. For me, I keep a Prepaid Balance on the account so it will auto-purchase $10 1 GB extra data blocks when I reach my data cap Smiley Very Happy
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Okay so to recap:


1. $10 Sim once off

2. Monthly plan fee

3. Prepayment (totally optional) but funds 1GB extra blocks and PAYG calls/text not included in plan

4. No Lock In Contract- can be cancelled 7 days before auto renew of next billing cycle


Seems good to me.