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Italy mobile service

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Hi all, I currently travelling in Italy and TPG mobile service is not available.   I had service in Hong Kong,  Germany and Austria but no matter what I did, I can't get service.  I've been in several cities,  rebooted phone,  battery out, and attempted manual connection. Samsung S5 worked fine in Italy 2 years ago. 

TPG working the problem for 2 weeks but nothing significant from them.


Anyone else currently in Italy? If so do you have global roaming working?


Any help appreciated as TPG don't seem  to know what's happening. 

Cheers Tony 


Hi @OutRiding,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We have located the account using your community details. We can see that this issue has been raised to our Mobile Escalations Team.


As per checking, the team has done a full network reset for your mobile service and you were advised to switch your mobile off and on to refresh the SIM card.


We'll chase this matter with our Mobile Escalations Team and will have the case officer contact you via email for additional updates.


We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you.


Hello @OutRiding


The officer assigned has since replied to your email today. You may directly reply to it for any further concern you have pertaining to this issue. 






Hi @OutRiding


A new email has been sent from our Mobile Technical team. Please let me know should you still require assistance. 






Hello @OutRiding


Just checking if you're able to use the roaming service now? Did the recent troubleshooting on the email from our Mobile Team worked? 


Feel free to reach out should additional assistance is needed.