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Mobile Network Coverage poor (Sydney), call drop-outs and goes to Voicemail when I am available

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I ported my mobile number to TPG, it's been problem after problem after problem with reception, call drop outs, internet connections.  Dealing with customer service has been a nightmare, call drop outs or hung up upon (I think it's the later as it's too hard to fix).  

It's was the attractive prepaid offer that had me port over, I did my research before coming across, spoke with TPG customer service and was assured my area had coverage.  ummm'd and aaaah'd for two weeks researching, speaking with friends, family and peers, before jumping in and switching my telco carrier to TPG, THEN....problems began.

no reception for calls, there was a lag in sending and receiving messages.

Internet coverage was good when I was outside standing at my mailbox, calls and messages improved there too.  Going inside my house, it's very poor reception.  My previous carrier I had none of these experiences. Thank goodness for the TPG voicemail service, as all my calls went there, even if I was available, they still went to voicemail. 

Got a brand new Samsung Galaxy Edge handset, in case the problem was the handset.  Returned the handset as problem persisted and maybe it was "that" handset, and was offered a replacement by the manufacturer, swapped to a third handset and same problems.

Numerous phone calls (using a friends handset with a different Telco carrier) to customer service, was awful and horrible. No help.  After a month of problems and lots of calls to TPG, I wanted to cancel TPG and go back to my old carrier.  I was told, no as it was prepaid contract?? and it's been a month, and I'd have to pay leaving fee!! 

BTW....TPG will charge $11 to port your own number from their network.. 


Rant over...



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