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My phone number is **** **** ****.  When I'm on facebook I'm not getting photos anymore, google keeps telling me the website I'm looking for doesn't exist and I can't send emails from my phone.  It seems to be a connection problem as I have either no bars to show I'm connecting to the network or I get only two small bars.  My tpg coverage area seems to be non-existent.  I live in Lenah Valley, Tasmania and have a 4G TPG plan.


Hi @aussiemoose ,


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We've edited your recent comment with your mobile number. Please avoid the posting of personal details on the public page e.g. customer ID, telephone numbers and similar pieces of information as they may compromise your account security.


We've managed to check your account and it seems that you have not gone over your data limit. As per our coverage checker, your area is within the 4G network (indoor and outdoor).


This community article may be of help, "No Mobile Network Coverage?"


Let us know if you still encounter an issue after doing the basic troubleshooting steps given from the above link.


Thank you!