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Mobile cancellation and port out

Level 2
After continuous efforts of 7 days to port out to other provider as there are no TPG service in my area especially inside the house, finally I ported out to other provider and get my phone service working inside the house also. Me and my husband were users of TPG from last five years but let me tell you this experience of porting out made us regret choosing and using TPG.
My Sim only plan new cycle start on 5th of every month and money goes out from my bank account 7 days in advance for next month. I have given 7 days notice also that I m porting out as there are no signals or only occasionally signals of TPG network in my area but still I got charged for the month of October which I never gonna use. I ported out on 4th of October and now I am charged with $11 porting out fee which never mentioned in Critical summary document of plan.
Further more my payment of $20 which I was charged in advanced just got balanced for nothing and now I am in credit of $11 porting out fee.
Can moderator of this page check and let me know the why TPG is behaving in this manner?
I want my $20 back for October month which I never use and ported out on 4th October by giving 7days advance notice and not to charge me $11 porting out fee which was never mentioned in Critical summary of plan.

Hi @Sidrayaqoob


We'd be happy to look into your account. Send us a private message with your TPG details so we can assist further. 




Level 2

Even after PM and long discussion TPG is unable to solve the issue. Different agnets in TPG have different understanding of clauses which are hidden from the consumers.