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Mobile signal frequency

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Hi guys,

Could you please let me know the bandwidth/frequency at which TPG mobile signals are transmitted currently and will be transmitted in the near future? I believe that currently TPG uses Optus network and 1800MHz?

Also I found out that TPG started transferring mobile services from Optus to Vodafone and would be using B7 (2600MHz) and B28 (700MHz) bandwidths for mobile signals. Is this correct?

The reason I'm asking is that I  have bad  mobile signal reception in my new house and want to buy a booster to improve the signal

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Hi @boser2006 I beleive TPG is now using Vodafone infrastructure and not Optus, TPG was rolling out some of it's new B28 (700Mhz) towers prior to the merger with Vodafone.

Vodafone uses B1 2100Mhz, B3 1800Mhz, B5 850Mhz, B8 900Mhz & B28 700Mhz.

Optus has never used B5 850Mhz to it's detriment and as a result it could never compete with Vodafone and Telstra in in regional and black spot areas. Telstra and Optus do use B7 2600Mhz. Hope this helps.

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Thanks @orbistat


This does help

Would you know which particular frequency is used in Truganina VIC area for 4G LTE?

My house is in blind spot there

I need to buy a signal booster and they work with signals of particular frequency

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Hi @boser2006 It's hard to give you a more specific answer for your question, for example, Optus and Vodafone share a site at Cherry Lane Laverton North, from that site Optus runs 4G 700Mhz, 4G 1800Mhz, 4G 2300Mhz & 4G 2600Mhz, From the same site Vodafone runs 3G 2100Mhz only.

At Fitzgerald Rd Laverton North, Vodafone runs 3G 900Mhz, 3G 2100Mhz, 4G 850Mhz & 4G 1800Mhz.

I've learned that there are new Vodafone and Optus proposed sites for your area although there are several objections with Wyndham council over the sites.

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Thank you @orbistat

Your info is really helpful and comprehensive

Thanks for your help

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You're welcome @boser2006,

I hope you get a suitable outcome for your blackspot situation, I'm in an area that although being at an elevation of around 120m can poll up to 14 different sites but the radiation patterns of those sites favour the higher density pockets. Only 1 out of those 14 sites is reliable which really limits ones options.