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No mobile coverage + TPG keep dropping support call

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I'm a long time TPG user and even a TPG dealer - but I'm about to pull the plug and convert every one of my clients to something... ANYTING else.


Currently, I have one particular client who's mobile has been stating No Network Coverage since Friday (almost a week). There have been multiple calls to TPG with zero progress. Initially we were told there was an outage in the area. The outage has cleared but still no coverage. We've reseated the SIM, we've rebooted the phone. TPG have allegedly "reset the SIM settings", after which we waited for an hour and then rebooted the device. Still nothing.


To make this infinitely worse - calls to TPG (from another mobile service)  are being dropped with no call back. If I wait on hold (ranging anywhere between 20 minutes to 1 hour) the call connects but the (utterly useless) agents just place you on hold and eventually the call drops again.


If I call again it'll be the 9th call for the same problem, and every call starts with "For security purposes I'm going to send a code to the mobile on the account".... proving they're not listening to a ** thing that is being said. "No Network Coverage" - sure, I'll receive your SMS... (facepalm).


TPG has lost the plot since the Vodafone merger. 100% as expected - but this is getting ridiculous.


I doubt the community can do much to help, but I sincerely hope a paid-staff moderator or someone can reach out. I won't hold my breath though.




Hi @awg


We're sorry to hear about your client's recent experience. May we have the TPG mobile number via private message, so we can look into it? 

How do I private message (PM) in the community



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May we have the TPG mobile number via private message, so we can look into it?