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Replacement SIM activation

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Hello there,

I've been trying to get a replacement SIM card activated for over ten days, now. Took me three days on the phone with tech support to get them to offer a replacement as a solution to my phone saying "No SIM card detected: Emergency calls only", but that's as maybe.

What is making things even more difficult is my password for my TPG Account and email client stopped working, or has been being rejected since around Monday night/Tuesday morning (five days ago). I have, ONCE AGAIN, created a gmail address in order to have the requisite links to forms, verification pages and so on... except I still can't login to either my Internet account OR my TPG mobile account, since resetting my password requires email verification PLUS an SMS code... which, no matter how many times I say it, I do not have access to.

I repeat: I do not have access to another device capable of receiving an SMS. Except Skype, but tech support wont send an SMS to a Skype number.

So, I'm continually being told to borrow a family or friend's phone, take a selfie with an ID card, and send that to TPG: they will then send a link to that phone which I need to follow on my computer...

... six to one will get you, it's the same verification page or similar form and it will STILL ask me for a mobile number they can send an SMS code to.

Meh, whatever. Starting to get very, very tired of going around in circles. Did that for most of my life, patience depleted.

So... any ideas, advice or miracle workers will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @adeane1, welcome to TPG Community!


SIM replacement is considered to be a high risk transaction hence full identity verification is required to process this. If you have already submitted a request to our Privacy team by filling out the Confirm Identify Form, you can send us a private message with the reference number so we can work with the team in getting this sorted.