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Resetting a mobile phone SIM card/Wi-Fi password

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Hi. I have recently bought a new mobile phone, to use with my unlocked TPG SIM card. After inserting the SIM into the new phone (from the old), the Setup Wizard is prompting me for the Wi-fi password I had previously set. I've long forgotten what the password is so can you tell me how I can reset the password or change it for the new device.  Many thanks. 

Once I can access it again (get up & running on the new phone) I'd also like to rename the Wi-fi connection (unless this occurs automatically....)


Hi @kimr3,


I'm guessing the Wi-Fi password the Setup Wizard is referring to is your Home Wi-Fi Network password (From your home Internet connection). This isn't a password related to your mobile service.


If you have a TPG supplied modem you will probably find this located on the bottom of your modem.


What is the Brand and Model number of your home Internet modem?