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Roaming and SMS

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Hi there,

I'm currently overseas and I have roaming enable for my account.

I'm able to connect to the Internet but not to make phone calls or receive/send SMS - the only message I got so far was one from TPG welcoming to Brazil.

I use my phone as Two-Factor Authentication for banking, work and for TPG itself. I've tried to select the carrier manually but that didn't work. 

Any other ideas? Please help.






Hey, @maatthc


Kindly do manual network selection on the handset and you may connect to any available network on your phone.

If the issue persist, kindly follow the troubleshooting steps below:

• Turn off the phone
• Clean the gold part of the SIM card
• Turn on the phone then try the services
• If the issue persists, insert the SIM card in a different handset to help identify if the issue is with the handset

If roaming still not working, please provide the following information via private message so we can further investigate:

Handset used:
Error message:
SIM Card Number:

How to send a PM? 

To manually select a network, you may refer to the steps below.


Apple IOS devices: Choose another provider

Iphone 8.PNG

Samsung guide: Choose another providerSamsung Roam.png


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.