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SIM Replacement activation request and wrong number

Level 2
I lost my sim, requested for SIM replacement and followed all the process but my SIM has not been activated. Also a wrong number showed up when I plugged the sim in my iphone.
Could someone from TPG team to check and help me to activate it urgently as I need it for work desparately?
What I have been trying so far:

Called 1300 993 019 to request for SIM replacement.
Filled the identification form online from the link they provided
Retrieved email from and sms with links to verify my identification
Submitted my passport and my portrait photo for TPG team to verify
Verification completed, new SIM received and I've also replied to to confirm and request for activation.
It has been more than 24 hours but haven't received any confirmation/reply
Called 1300 993 019 again and they told it should be activated soon.
My new SIM is still not activated.

Hi @riodiep


We are keen on straighten this up ASAP.


Just send us a private message with your account details and we'll take it from there.



Level 2

@BasilDV  I've sent you a PM with all details