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SOS only ,No signal

Level 2

I have called TPG and kept me for 3 hours and could not go through.

Can someone please help why i have no signal  and says SOS only?  I have the same iphone that i have been using  for years. I have tried all the suggested troubleshooting steps and nothing is working. I apperciate your  prompet reponse  


Level 3

I have found this occuring a little more often over recent months too.


Primarily in certain areas where our TPG/vodaphone mobile network signal is often not strong, i.e. in & around the NSW 2428 & 2290 postcodes, among other areas.


It's suspected that Vodaphone's infrastructure (mobile phone transmission towers & transmitters) cannot cope with increased load due to increased customers via downstream companies like TPG over recent years, and hope that they will address this as a matter or urgency.


In our case rebooting phones, turning airplane mode on/off, moving outside buildings etc. often helps.


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We've created an article that may help you resolve this issue.


If you are still not able to use the service, please send me a PM with your mobile or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.