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Sim card not delivered

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I placed an order on 6th July and received an email of despatched sim on 7th July. It's been over 10 days and I haven't received my sim yet. I've been calling your customer service and since 18th July, every day I've been told that I would receive the Sim card the next day. On 20th July your agent said my sim was lost in transit and then placed an order for replacement Sim to be delivered by express delivery. She said I would receive it in one to two days. I still haven't received the Sim. Today, when I called Mr.Anjelo said that I should receive the Sim today and the issue was escalated. I called again and Mr. Joe said that the replacement Sim was despatched on 18th and I should wait for another 10 days. Then I received an email today stating the request for replacement Sim was placed today. I called again and Ms Shiela said the request for replacement Sim was placed today.
Your customer service had been by far the worst. I've been waiting for a Sim card for so long and now you expect me to wait for another 10 days. I do not have network on my phone and have been incurring so much loss. Your agents do not have a tracking number for my sim card, do not have the number of their manager and do not provide accurate information. I do not know who can actually help. I really require the Sim card immediately. Cannot wait for another 10days!

Hi @Deepthi,


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Thanks for letting us know about this issue. I would like to have a better understanding of your situation to address your request. Please PM us with your details like customer ID or concerned mobile number of the concerned account.


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