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Still no support for elderly users with longer ring time?

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Others have raised this: my elderly mother has just switched to TPG NBN phone and internet, but the phone only rings for 40 seconds and it is not sufficient for her to get to the phone to answer it. It would seem that TPG still has no way of extending this ring time. In addition, her answering machine no longer works so the phone rings out AND people can't leave a message. Can TPG confirm that customers are still limited to 40 seconds ring time and that there is no way (other than forwarding to another number) that a message can be left? It is very disappointing. :'(


Hi @valerisesmith26,


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We have a 40 seconds standard telephone ring time for all of our customers. You can try to use a different handset that have an option to extend the telephone ring. However it is not a guarantee.


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