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TPG mobile port out fee and billing period term not listed in Critical Information Summaries on purches page

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I have the same problem and I would like to ask for a refund as it didn't list the port out fee on the purchase page. 
As someone mentioned it's critical Information that should be listed before consumers pay for it.
Therefore, I would like to ask for a refund of the $11 port out fee and the additional sim card plan I bought as it wasn't mentioned the pot out fee would be charged on the purchase page.

Meanwhile, I only used it for 4 months (2/12/2023-1/4/2024), but I have been charged 5 months as I have had prepaid $12.5, for the first month. 

Please refund $12.5, for the extra month that I was charged.


Hi @peter863,


You may refer to this link regarding the Mobile number portability:



6.6. We may charge you a fee to port the phone number to another carrier or carriage service provider.


Send us a private message and we'll bring up your account. 



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the port out fee didn't is listed on TPG Mobile Plans Critical Information Summaries (CIS). 


Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)  has a very clear statement regarding Critical Information Summaries (CIS) : "It also tells you what to expect, such as the fees and charges for the product or service, even if it is a ‘free’ offer." 


If you charge me for something not listed on Critical Information Summaries (CIS), this is deceptive and cheating.

You can't send me the Service Description and Terms after consumer purchases, it; 's an intentional hiding of the information, it was listed somewhere others it wasn't shown on the purchases page as "Critical Information Summaries (CIS)".

Stop to play the games. In the law, it has to present the "Critical Information Summaries (CIS)" on the plan description or any visible page during the purchase process, before consumers pay for it.

I request TPG refund me the port out fee otherwise I will bring it to Fair Trade and Consumer Affairs. 

meanwhile, please see the attachment that I used for 4 months for the plan.  But I prepaid it when I ordered the plan, the prepaid charge should adjust the first month's bill to $0, instead of that you charge again from my account. Totally, you charged me 5 times for 4 months plan. I would like it to be refunded as well.

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Because of all of that, I would like to get a refund for my additional purchase of another prepaid plan for my partner. Please see the attachment of the first post. As the port out fee wasn't listed as Critical Information Summaries during the purchase process.

It should be shown in the description of the plan and during the purchase process.

Not something hiding in the further webpage.

Critical Information Summaries have to be shown in the description of the plan and during the purchase process.


HI @peter863 , here is an additional information beyond what's outlined in the terms & conditions website


Send us a private message and we'll look into your account.