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Unable to access mobile data

Level 1a

I am unable to use the mobile data (200mb) that comes with my mobile plan – Wi-Fi works fine.
My phone is a Moto G Turbo, using an Android 6.0.1 operating system.
While in Europe last month I was able to access mobile data (with a different provider) without issue, so it’s not obvious why it shouldn’t be working here in Australia.
I’ve attached some screenshots that I believe are pertinent (for clarity the screenshots are with the Wi-Fi turned off).
Appreciate if you could please take a look and advise.


Hi @grkowa,


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We're sorry to hear about  trouble you encountered about your mobile data. We'd like to have a better understanding of your situation, can you please PM us the concerned mobile number and we'll have a look. 


We look forward to your message. Thanks.