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Unable to make calls or use data

Level 2

I was suddenly asked to sign in to network (TPG) and have been barred from using mobile data or making calls or sending text messages. I am still able to receive calls and texts. I have confirmed my account is still active. Signing in when asked does nothing, besides take me to the TPG website. I am unable to call the help centre because I cannot make calls on my mobile and have had to use a home desktop to send this message.


Hi @Harryh 


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and can confirm that the account is still active. However, your credit is insufficient to call out and send text messages.

There's an ongoing payment, which was processed via Direct debit which usually takes time to be cleared.


We'll arrange a call from our Mobile team to discuss this further for you. Expect a call today between 2PM - 3PM.