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Very Poor Mobile Reception for Postcode 2017

Level 2

I have been experiencing very poor mobile reception in and around my address of 3 Wolseley Grove, Zetland, NSW, 2017, and which has deteriorated even further over the past 3 weeks.  People who are telephoning me are complaining I am dropping in, and out, and they were only receiving half my conversation.  Today I have tried four times to contact Technical Support at TPG, and each time I commence speaking to an operator, the call drops out, and they never telephone me back.  I have tried resetting my network settings and this NEVER works.  So do not request this of me again.  Other people in my area are complaining as well, and telling me they too have noticed a distinct deterioration in the services offered by TPG over the past year.  Can you fix this problem, or do I have to change over to another carrier?  Posted 12 July 2023.


Hey @geoffbyron02 ,


Let us help check the reception issue affecting the mobile service. As you have taken most of the basic troubleshooting. Could you send us a PM with your details?


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