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Video calls to Australiain number

Level 2
1)What does video call mean..?? Can we make video call in FaceTime, viber, what’s app, messenger and still pay the charge or it will be consumed from the given monthly data.
2) Does 100 min International calls include any country..?

Hi @Raj1,


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We appreciate your query. We're referring to the Video Call function on your phone without the use of any online video/messaging apps.

  • Standard National Video Calls is charged at $1 per minute + 40¢ flagfall
  • International Video Calls is charged at  $1.50 per minute + 40¢ flagfall

Facetime, WhatsApp and other messaging apps will consume your Mobile Data Plan when Video Call Feature is used.


The 100 international minutes on both the homephone and mobile service should include all countries except the ones that are not listed in our International Call Rates page. Please see the the links below:


Feel free to let us know should you require assistance or has further queries.