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Vodafone email relaying is denied on a tpg platform. It is also denied when the Vodafone product is SOLD as a TPG produc

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Vodafone email relaying is denied on a TPG platform. (
(expected behavoir)

However if the  Vodafone product is a part of the TPG enterprise (ie Mobile Broadband)
...That restriction SHOULD NOT APPLY!!!


It would be very easy to rectify .... the  Network Admin simply needs to apply a configuration change.

AFAIK  A  disclaimer to the fact that the two products do not behave as expected   is not made.

An email acct (  can  (Email) relay  outside of the TPG mail server to another email server.  Where as a  (xxxxx@abc.xx.xx)  ie Non email acct CAN NOT.

Again ....if the (  wants to relay thru TPG sold vodafone  product it shoul