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We are not able to make calls or receive calls either mobile or landline numbers

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Dear Support

I have collected and activate my TPG sim on 15/03/19 and all this while, I was testing the data network and was happy with it.  But one fine day, I noticed that I cannot make any phone calls (both mobile & landline numbers as well as TPG mobile users).  I tried to call my TPG mobile number and it cannot receive phone calls.

Some of my colleagues who happen to collect to SIM on that particular day are also having the same issues.

Could you kindly help to look into it or this SIM (one year free unlimited data) is solely meant for data usage only?




Hi @treekid33,


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Since our TPG Mobile Service currently do not offer an Free Unlimited Data here in Australia. We assume that this issue is with your TPG Mobile Service based on Singapore.


TPG Australia & TPG Singapore are 2 separate entities. Kindly send an email to Singapore Mobile Team at so they can provide assistance.