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What is the Operator ID when checking Mobile Usage

Level 2

I wanted to check my mobile data usage.


I log into my account

I click on "View All Mobile Service Accounts" under "TPG Mobile Services"

I find the Active Mobile Account

I click "Mobile Usage"


Unlike the guides, whereby you're supposed to be taken to the mobile usage, I come to a page that says "Before you can access this function, you need to login". It asks for a "Operator ID", and a Password.


I don't know what my "Operator ID" is. I logged into my account using my account number and password.


What is also concerning is that my browser is telling me that the connection is not secure.


Here is a screenshot of the page:


Level 2

And update to this.


It seems to be working now. I am no longer taken to the page asking for an operator ID when clicking on Mobile Usage.


I am taken directly to my Mobile Usage page.


Not sure what the problem was, or how it got fixed.