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how to make an international call to Ireland

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I would like to know how to make an international call to Ireland from my sim only plan mobile to business land line in Ireland. Is it possible? if my SIM only plans wouldn't have this capacity, is there any bundles or extra i can purchase?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @betty1 .

International calls are excluded from your plan. Have to make pre-payment.

Excluded Usage
These plans exclude Excess Data, Calls to International Numbers, SMS and MMS to International numbers, Calls to Satellite phones, Third Party content, Video Calls
to Standard Australian and International numbers, International Roaming, Directory Assistance and other Enhanced Services. Calls and SMS to 19 Numbers, Diversion
to International numbers and Premium SMS/MMS are not supported.


Have a look at this:

International call rates are shown here. And country codes. Ireland 353.

Add Unlimited International calls to Landline and Mobile Numbers to 37 Countries .  $5 per month


To make international call: