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mobile cannot receive incoming calls

Level 2
Level 2


I am hoping someone can help me as my mother is in lockdown in a nursing home and I am unable to call her as all calls divert straight to voicemail. I am unsure why this issue keeps happening I deactivate it then the voicemail keeps automatically turning back on each month or so and the phone doesn't ring it just diverts immediately.


The main issue is that I need to deactivate the voicemail remotely/using her online account. As they are not allowing any visitors into the nursing home.

Level 2

Hi Ej,

Sounds like divert all is activated. Have a look at this TPG site:

Look at Step 3... To deactivate diversion - Enter in #67# and press the Call button.

You can call her at the nursing home on their landline and ask her to follow your instructions.


Also, you never mentioned if she can call you? If she can't, then maybe she has put the phone into aircraft mode?


I believe you can cancel all divertions from the online TPG "My Account" if you have access to her password. Login in to her account, click View All Mobile Service Accounts. Select Mobile Service Control Panel. Then next to Unconditional Divert (all calls) select the button that says Cancel Diversions. Then click Submit.


Failing all that, call the nursing home and ask them to get the phone off your mum. They can bring it to you outside. Do what you need to do, wipe the phone down and give it back to them. They will wipe it down again once inside and give it back to your mum.


Hope that helps.