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Anyone else frustated by useless TPG offshore support?

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My NBN is screwed and I tried calling support at 8:45 pm. Was on hold for 30 minutes and finally got that melodic offshore voice answering at 9:15. Well, I guess there is a TPG policy about getting rid of call after knock-off time. The little F@cker had the audacity to pretend not to be able to hear me and after an obligatory couple of 'hello' attempts proceed to drop the call. Now, of course, its too late and I am out of service for the rest of the night. Wondering how much TPG support (and their service in general) sucks for the rest of you?


We're sorry to know about what happened, @schwarzenholz. We'll review your previous interaction as part of our ongoing effort to provide the best possible customer service.


Please be advised as well of our Hotline numbers and Operating Hours, which can be located here: Contact Us  


We have also responded to your speed query advising that it has been escalated to our Complaints Resolution Team.


It would be best for us to work on one thread to avoid redundancy and confusion.


Future updates regarding the concerns you have raised will be posted here:


Thank you.