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I have been with TPG for years now and have not had any complaints with them at all, super fast response time to any of my problems and always helped me. 

Now however, I am beyond p****d off. My new neighbors moved in and attempted to have Telstra connect their NBN(bad choice, but whatever) and Telstra stuffed up and used the wrong address and used mine instead. They decided that it was me trying to get internet through them(hell no) and somehow went straight over the top of TPG and cancelled my service. Now, mistakes do happen and I had one hell of a time trying to contact TPG about this and when I finally got through a day later, the best they can do is request to have my service reactivated and that will take another 24-48hrs with no apology for the disruption.


This is quite poor service to be honest. My wife runs a podiatry business and we rely on the internet at home to complete invoices and manage the day to day running of this business. Now I will have to go out and buy a USB dongle just to run the internet. This should be something they can fix on the spot for me.