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NBN order's full deduction from bank account last month, status remains `awaiting payment clearance'

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After an abortive and expensive attempt to have my ADSL to NBN connection with a TPG sibling company, I thought I would go straight to TPG instead!  During the sales pitch I was told that connection was usually 10 business days, but given current (Covid-19) situation, more likely 15 business days.  Full pre-payment deduction was completed from the account on 27 March.  The welcome email promised, in coming days, status emails will be sent to keep me advised!  No - nothing yet.  15 business days have come and gone.  About a week ago I checked my order's status.  To this very day, my status is that payment `is awaiting clearance' - despite being completely deducted nearing a month ago.  I have not been able to chat on-line - `too busy, try later'!  My emails draw acknowledging email, promising responses!  Nothing yet.  Even when I called for cancellation procedures with full penalties disclosure, I might as well be emailing myself!  Nothing!  So many NBN start-up problems, - now with two companies under TPG umbrella.  All relating to basic customer service/procedural matters!  The cancellation procedure/time-frame/ALL penalties are my deepest desire!  I am all too happy to return the modem that I received weeks ago.  It should be straight-forward, after all, `officially', my payment is still only at `awaiting clearance' stage!  Please advise.  Given my complete lack of response, how can I be sure that a cancellation will even be lodged - and, of course, acted upon.  On-line reviews (which I have only read over the last week) suggest there is a pattern of TPG inaction!  If only I read these before that now cursed order!


Welcome to TPG Community,

You can private message to me your customer ID, username, service address and mobile number so i can check status here.



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Hi JayeshP9


While I appreciate your response, my `status' is simply not as important to me - now that I have read comments in the TPG Community and on the review site where I took iiNet to task in a series of linked reviews.  And, frankly, I spent 5 years with iiNet ADSL - and, in the end, the communication issues with iiNet, although horrific over the last month, were still better than with TPG!


I really, really ask that you provide me - please -

  1. with the Cancellation procedure/forms: 
  2. advice as to all penalties (bearing in mind that I have the modem, but not so much as contact as to when NBN was to be set up - so not too much TPG effort, at all, has been expended);
  3. and, how I can be SURE that the cancellation process is pursued and finalized (given that my order status is so misleading).

Of course - being new to the community - I know nothing about private messaging, here.  I am a participant in many chattrooms and co-founded one to advise oldies, like myself, of `buyer-beware, internet pitfalls' - and, yes, I am advising many fellow contributors of my trials with TPG and co.


So thank you for your comment - it is the first one from TPG that I have received.  BUT, it is all too late now.  I very much have in mind the internet provider with whom I wish to lock-in a NBN plan.  It will take at least a month - on top of time wasted with TPG and its sister-provider - but communication/access has suddenly flown to the very top of my preferred qualities of the NBN provider that I wish to engage!  I have already experienced what your organization has shown on that score.  I cannot, truthfully, say, I have experienced worse.  PM or no.


But, again, thank you.


Hi Kentber,

Sorry for that you have to wait for long time for internet activation, Its lookalike system error was causing  this issue and i am able to see that there is no outstading amount from your account, I have  also sent your concern to my manager. 



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Hi again - and thank you again - JayeshP9,


Again - while I appreciate both your response and the sending on of the issue to management (hoping this may prevent another applicant avoiding my problem), with respect, it still does not provide the answer, that I am sure that you must be able to provide.  To whit:


  1. Cancellation procedures with any forms - to be effected as soon as possible - after all I do not wish to cause effort for your connection staff when I am adamant that TPG has failed its most basic - and essential service - for me;
  2. The total penalties that would be brought to bear - even though the only effort to date seems to be the mailing of a modem (eager to return this, once given an address, by the way);
  3. And how I can be sure that the cancellation is being effected as quickly as possible, given the inordinate amount of time wasted on my connection to NBN to date.

PLEASE HELP IN THE ABOVE ONLY.  Before I was retired, I was a management analyst.  I fully understand negotiation/deflection/tactical communication.  I mean my call for cancellation as no posture.  Being retired and so dependent on the internet - and with streaming devices - this incredibly horrible matter has served only one purpose - my keeness to ensure I can MINIMIZE any dealings with TPG and its affiliates.


So please, if you are to respond, please answer the aspects that I truly want answered.  Any prevarication is only drawing out the inevitable - and only allows me to advise others of the methodology.


Cancellation procedure/forms, etc. - please.



Hi kentber,

I have sent you  private message so please check it. 



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Well, first, thank you, JayeshP9


That is a very large amount of money.  While I am unable to access my profile - the progress bar regarding the resetting of my password by email - has stopped centimetres from completion and while showing that it `is still doing something' seems as if it is not going to progress further.


So I may need you, please, to check what category I fall in - with not even a TPG connection on the horizon.  While I have the modem, I have nothing else.


If it is to be to a maximum $350, I will, of course take this matter up with the Ombudsman.  I have only had to do that once before - and thankfully the company involved had to give ground.  And while that was a while ago, I felt nowhere as aggrieved as I do, now, in my dealings with TPG!  Every undertaking that I have received has simply ignored - as my screen captures and emails attest.


I stronly suggest that the account that I have `freeze' - I will certainly not agree to any technician from TPG attending this residence.  Just leave me on `awaiting payment clearance' as a status - just as I have been until now.


I will lodge a dispute with the Ombudsman and we will let that process run its course.


In the meantime, I have been provided a very scary prospect for anyone of my friends, colleagues and chatroom participants to weigh up, if they ever entertain contracting TPG as a NBN provider.


So we will take this all to the next step.  I ask that you advise anyone at TPG effected to consider this matter on `hold'.  Any attempts to increase my `liability' by suddenly engaging the efforts of others, I will denounce as `mischievous' and attempts to leverage economic bullying.  I can see why TPG was so keen to have me waive the legal considerations of losses due to service.  iiNet and I reached a much more civil parting.


So, JayeshP9, I do thank you.  You have been most forthcoming and I appreciate that.


Hi Kentbar,

Please sent youremail and put your concern because you haven't  got service yet so TPG will proceed accordingly.



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Hey JayeshP9,


I am unsure as to your meaning - my apologies.


Are you referring to notification as to cancellation, as per your private message?


I have already written a few emails to customer service - receiving only a generic acknowledgement email in return (each suggesting I try to contact by telephone - which I have not been able to achieve, despite all my efforts).  In my emails, I have laid out my ongoing `status' issue, my dismay at the lack of communication despite written promises to provide, and my `begging' for cancellation procedures and penalties.  No responses.


If you are referring to a different type of email than those above - the first I will most definitely pursue in tandem with a dispute lodgement with the Ombudsman - the second I have sent, a few, but with a stunning lack of response.


I am not trying to be difficult.  I am unsure of your meaning.  What kind of email and to whom, do you refer?


I appreciate your `hanging in', JayeshP9.  It has given me the slightest hope for TPG.  Sorry, it is not more,  but I have only chanced upon you after all my patience with TPG was exhausted - and I have to increase my medication to bring my blood pressure to acceptable levels.