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Can anyone help - unable to access TPG email

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Can anyone help? I haven't been able to access my email for hours.

I keep getting messages such as

Connection has timed out - The server at is taking too long to respond.

Never had such a problem with TPG email before.

Appeciate any advice as I'm not a techie





Hi @nomailtoday 


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I'm sorry about the difficulty in accessing emails at this time. There's an unplanned email outage affecting some customers. Our Engineering Team is already working to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. The current Estimate Time of Restoration (ETR) is tomorrow (Aug 29) at 3AM AEST. Please note that the ETR is subject to change. For updates, you may visit this link:



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Thank you. I was getting concerned that the outage was maybe caused by some malware...

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I've been unable to access my email for over 14 hours now. How long will it take and what is the problem?


Hi @nomailtoday, the email outage is still ongoing and it is posted here:


Our Engineers are doing their best to rectify this ASAP and you can check our Service Status Page for further updates.


We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Inconvience is an understatement, absolute disgrace would be better words. This email outage has now cost me a fortune in business, not being able to receive emails or reply to my customers for over 24 hours.

TPG you are a joke, #1 in poor customer service should be the slogan on your website

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I understand sometime tech goes bad, but outage for almost 24hrs, complete and utter joke, TGP your about to loose a customer, as your outage has cost me customers today, and cost me hundreds of $ in lost revenue. I thank you for nothing. TPG #1 in rubbish service.

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its strange you can send emails but not recieve , has some one at TPG asleep at the wheel have you plugged the cord into the power for the email server

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if you believe there adds , we are number one internet company , you would think they would have a back up email server , just in case it had a outage , i would put that on my TO DO LIST

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and there is no one from TPG , saying nothing , this company need to be reported to the oddbusman , this is a disgraceful service, come on tpg get on here and explain whats happening , and when its going to be fixed , you tech guys are bloody hopeless , it cant be that hard , to take 2 days and you still dont know whats wrong .