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Cancel a service due to bad customer service experience

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I had been with TPG over 3 years, until recently i move house and relocate to  new address, I had ring TPG 1 week ahead and everything was arrange and confirm, when i move to the place, no service and ring them, they said that due to my new place got no black nbn connect box they cant connect, they never tell me about it in the first place when i call them for relocating, so i ask TPG when can i get connected, they said 1 month, 

TPG you got really bad employee working for you and your service is not communicating well, I am moving to OPTUS, 10 days and my nbn is connected. GOOD BYE TPG. I  wouldnt recommend anyone to your service anymore.


Hi @Khiem


Welcome to the Community! 


Thank you for reaching out to us and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Whilst we successfully install thousands of NBN services each week we would like to sincerely apologise that this was not your experience. 


We're disappointed to hear you've had a less than stellar experience with our customer service. It definitely doesn't sound like the level of customer service we pride ourselves on and expect for our customers.


Would you mind sending us through a Private Message with your Customer ID or username so we can look into this further and pass on the necessary feedback?