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Cancel my ******* account NOW

Level 2
I have spent a combined 10 hours over the last two days on the phone and online chat portal trying to simply switch my plan to my new house that I just moved to.
I have been constantly left on hold only to be hung up on.
I have changed providers as a result of this.
I have also spent all morning trying to cancel my account only to be put on hold and hung up on again.  
I want my account cancelled, I have nothing owing so I will not be paying any more because tpg cannot cancel my account.
Account name: amoore94
Alexander Moore
I do not want any more correspondence with TPG, I just want my account cancelled, it shouldn't be this hard, just get it done....
I sent the above email to TPG over 5 days ago to no response, even though I got told someone would be in contact within four hours.
TPG is a ******* joke to put it lightly. I understand Covid has put a strain on companies but I have dealt with a number of utility providors over the last two weeks because I have moved homes.
Not a single other providor has put me through the bull**** that I have had to deal with with TPG.
As a result of this I have changed providors (IINET) and they happily sorted out a new plan in less then 15 minutes.
I will never use you again, I am also telling anyone I know never to use you.
Easily the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.
Sort it out... 
I will not be paying any more money



I will send you a PM.