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Why do your staff keep closing chat windows before resolutions?

Level 2

Judging by the volume of similar topics this is not an isolated issue either. 


Looking forward to a mod replying "so sorry for the inconvenience this isnt they type of service we offer blah blah blah" - you know what - it is exactly what you offer. Your hollow appologies mean nothing - fix it. Thus far all TPG has been able to provide is abhorent service to a lot of people and seems completely unwilling to address any concerns of substance. Also judging by the FB page, only willing to reply to positive feedback rather than address any issues anyone else posts. 


Your retention team is going to have their hands full. 


Hi @JimmyRE 


If you have a fault you need looked at, please PM me your TPG Username, CID and service address and i will look into it for you.