Direct debit

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I am currently overseas and enabled international roaming. Due to poor internet connection, i have enabled the roaming several times and the next day received 6 emails of confirmation. Same day I have been debited 3000 AUD on my account. And now it has been overdrawn as I don't have that amount if money. How can I get the money back as soon as possible? I don't have that amount and dont have the money to pay for overdrawn. I have already disabled the international roaming as soon as I have been debited.

Hi @Lhianne13 ,


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We have located the account using your community details.

It appears that the payment request via direct debit is still in progress and it takes 3-4 working days to clear. We are not able to stop this process as this is already submitted to the bank's system. You may contact your bank to stop our payment request.

We can sort out the billing issue on your mobile account after the payment gets cleared or rejected. A $10 rejection fee and a possible dishonor fee from the bank will apply in case the payment is rejected.




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And therein lies one of the problems with direct debit. In this case the customer always loses.