Email access

Level 2

Since moving to the Messaging Company I have constant problems accessing my email, both via webmail (times out) and using my email client (password not accepted)

Level 15

Hi @5325587 . What screens do you go through, or what URLs do you use to get to the Post Office login screen?

Can you post a screenshot of the timeout message?

Does the password in your mail client also get you into MyAccount?

Level 2

I have same problem - attempt to login via webmail through Chrome browser gives '504 Gateway Time-out' Thunderbird email gives the error shown as TPG fail4 (see attached screenshots) most times but it may be preceded by TPG fail1 or TPG fail2.

Community Manager

We're aware of an issue affecting email access for some customers. We're working to resolve this as soon as possible and will keep you updated on our progress here: