Email problem

Level 2

Since the 1st of January I've been unable to send emails (Windows XP SP3 - Outlook Express) although receiving emails seems fine as I've been receiving the emails I generally expect to receive.


I had the same problem back in July 2019 when TPG had a problem with your mail server. When you fixed that my email system was back to normal working order. At all other times my Outlook Express just works.


Is there currently a problem with TPG's mail server again ?



Hi @fneill1503


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There are no reports of any issues with the mail server so we need to check this further and see why you're having difficulty sending emails.


Can you provide us the following information:

  1. Are you having trouble with a TPG email account or are you using a 3rd party email address?
  2. If you're using a TPG email account, have you tried sending messages via webmail or post office?
  3. What error message are you getting? Can you post a screenshot of the said error message?