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Email service ending

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I don't know if it is just coincidence but I recently received 2 scam emails purporting to be from TPG with the subject line:

"Urgent Action Required: Subscription Renewal Payment Overdue."

Disturbingly, these seem to have been sent from - 2 different user names. Is this related to the movement of tpg email addresses to a third party service? Is this service secure? I'm not intending to sign up with this service and am considering whether to remain with TPG.

Has anyone else received similar emails?


Hi @judallan 


We do not send out notification email like that to our customers and it is not related to the Email migration.


If you don't have any pending balance through TPG My Account, then it is a phishing or scam email.


Please report it using the details here: Scams and Hoaxes



Level 2

Hi BasilDV

I know it wasn't TPG that sent the email. I am sorry I didn't make it clear - the scam emails purported to be from TGP accounts - the sender appeared to be

but another user was 'behind' this. I haven't included the two in case these are genuine TPG accounts that have been subverted/hacked. I just wanted to know if anyone else had received similar emails and if anyone else thought that it was connected to the third party provider that TPG has suggested we use as our email service.