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How to set up mms on Samsung galaxy S9 plus??

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I just switched to Samsung galaxy S9 plus from Samsung Galaxy note 5
I can send pics via SMS on the note 5 but Samsung have told me to contact my provider for MMS settings in order to be able to send pics from the S9plus?? Help!!
Level 1a
No response. I got into Samsung who got me to reset network settings and looked at APN.
Now I am able to send small pics1MB but restriction on larger it seems. Is anyone out there??

Hi @WillB


Welcome to the Community! 


Apologies for the delay in response. I've searched for your account using your Community details but was unable to find a match. 


Please check the settings of your phone and ensure that it has these details. 


MMS Settings

Name   Vodafone AU-MMS
MMS Proxy
MMS Port   8080
MCC   505
MNC   3
APN type   mms


Your phone may not require the MCC, MNC or APN Type.


Should the issue persists, please let us know your Customer ID/mobile number, best contact time and number via private message so we can arrange a call from one of our Mobile specialists.