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I need to pay my account by direct transfer - direct deposit. How?

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I need to pay my account by direct transfer - direct deposit. Not direct Debit, but direct bank transfer. 

Please tell me how to do this.  What is the BSB code, bank name and account details, and the correct reference for the transfer.

This is my preferred method of payment of all accounts.  For now, bank transfer or verbal credit-card payment are the only way to pay any account.  The debit card experineced fraudulent transactions, the bank has cancelled the card and will issue a new one shortly. While I am waiting for a new debit card, I need to do transaction by direct bank transfer.


Hi @jarh ,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We only have 2 available payment methods which are the credit card and direct debit.


We do not take credit card details over the phone and we have a secure credit card system for customer's who wants to do provide their credit card details via phone with our staff.


You may update your credit card details through our secure website:

You may also follow the instructions provided at


Just some things you need to know when you change credit cards with TPG.

1. If there is a balance owing on your account, we will debit the amount immediately after credit card details are changed.
2. If there is no balance on the account at the time the credit card details are changed, we will charge the new credit card $1.

Note: The $1 charge is to make sure the credit card is valid and will be deducted of the payment that is owed.


Our Customer Service Team can be reached at 13 14 23 options 3 and 1 for billing assistance.


Best regards!